Jul 21, 2015

pine and higher

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hello! it's my second post in this month HAHAHA
since it's holiday, why not.
so, i currently stay in my other house in Sentul City and i have like basically nothing to do there.
what i do all day err day is cook, eat, sleep, repeat. oh! and washing dishes.

ah i almost forget to wish you guys (who celebrate) a (late-too late) happy Eid! :))

so, my brother told me that he knew a place full of pine trees in Bogor and he managed to take me there (guess since he knows that i really really like taking pictures lol) and, here is it. a new blogpost! whoo

it's kinda hard for me to take pictures actually, since i'm using a tripod so that means i can't take any pictures outdoor, alone, all by myself, and i get bored to take pictures on the same wall over and over again....
i didn't take a lot pictures of myself when i'm hanging out with family or friends.
so, when i'm going to take pictures for my blog, it's really need to put a lot of effort HAHA i mean like, i have to find that perfect free time when i didn't do anything, and put my make up on specially for taking pictures. but, i'm enjoying it tho.

by the way, this place is really beautiful. but sunny and windy as well.
i took this picture at 11-12 pm and it's like real hard to get a good lighting and a nice wind, mostly the wind blows my hair all over my face.

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Top - H&M
Kimono - Cotton On
Shorts - Topshop
Headpiece - Forever 21
Bracelet - Forever 21
Shoes - mov_id (IG)

have a nice day, loves! :)

Jul 14, 2015

(minus) the BOY (plus) the JEANS!

Hello! ik it's been a longlong time since the last time i write something on my blog HAHA
you know. it's really hard to consistently blog like all the other bloggers did. :")

I really have nothing in my mind right now, i actually really want to talk about something but my mind just don't work so well tonight so ya.

so... yeah, i dyed my hair pink yay! i want it to be rose gold at first but it turns out like a real bright pink, but no regret tho lol i love it.

Well i also get some opinions from my anons on my ask.fm that saying that i look better in black hair etc. etc. Without ignoring you guys' opinions, but i dyed my hair pink not to impress you, not at all. I did it just because i want to.
I do things that make me happy, dyeing my hair makes me happy, eating makes me happy.
Like basically, I can never please everyone at the same time, there's always a person who doesn't like me. So, yeah.... :)

So, here's some pictures i took yesterday. idk why but the quality isn't so good...

 photo IMG_7483_zpse9222769.jpg

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 photo IMG_7491_zps62b50007.jpg

 photo IMG_7488_zpse6211adc.jpg

 photo IMG_7493_zpsb9512d78.jpg

Top: Forever 21
Pants: Forever 21
Sandals: Mov_id (instagram)
Velvet&Rose Quartz Choker: seventeenstuff (instagram)
Watch: Daniel Wellington
(ok so.... so just so u guys know, i'm obsessed with forever 21 that most of my clothes are from forever 21. lol)

muchos love. love. love.