Sep 12, 2015

College Routine+Outfits!

So in this post today, i'm going to show you my College routine and outfits.
Well, i haven't started my college yet, it's still on January '15 lol

I'm showing how did i get ready in the morning, and what outfit i would wear to the college.
um so.... actually i'm in this phase i call the "pre-college" phase, bcs like basically i also have to wake up in the morning, getting ready and going to a particular places like from Monday to Thursday. So, it's kinda same thing, huh?

And, if you guys wondering. I'm going to be a fashion design student in Raffles Jakarta, yay!
so this outfit...will not really work for all of you because my friends said that fashion design student kinda allowed to wear whatever they want like crop-tops, shorts etc HAHAHA, but i hope you guys could still find this post helpful! :)

 photo IMG_0659_zps8ab15a08.jpg 
So, i always wake up at 7am.... (not always but most of the time i guess.)
I didn't always wash my hair in the morning so it's still a lot of time for me lol, then i go take a bath and do my make up. and it's not really my wake up face so ya, i had my lens on already HAHAHA

 photo IMG_0660_zps58175723.jpg
The first thing i will always do in the morning is drink a bottle of water. Keep dehydrated, girls!
(I know i look crazy without make up, but i promise it will get better as the post goes on... and this is not a actual getting ready pictures and i'm wearing this pyjamas *its from Forever 21 by the way* bcs i just want to make these pictures feel like "in the morning" lol)

Okay so... Let's get started! 
First, make sure to start with a clean face.
 photo IMG_0661_zps8374809f.jpg

 photo IMG_0663_zps5c2279cf.jpg
1. Filling in my brows. (Drawing a straight line to frame the brows, and filling it in.)

 photo IMG_0664_zps158a9764.jpg

 photo IMG_0665_zps991b5c30.jpg

 photo IMG_0684_zps16bf5318.jpg
2. Conceal. Conceal. Conceal. (Conceal dark circle, blemishes, and rednesses.) Good bye eye bags.

 photo IMG_0667_zps99de88d2.jpg

 photo IMG_0668_zpsc1eff1cc.jpg

 photo IMG_0669_zps81738ced.jpg
3. Blush. (I use lipbalm to create a more natural pink cheeks.)

 photo IMG_0671_zpsf298eff2.jpg

 photo IMG_0686_zps97e8c82e.jpg

 photo IMG_0685_zps849aa29a.jpg

4. Hair. (I curl my hair using a medium curling iron, and just curl it in)
I'll list all the products i use in the end of the post.

Let's move on to the outfits!

1. Monday!
Okay, so my first outfit is the most simple outfit of the week.
Bloated stomach, puffy eyes, sleepyhead. Monday is the hardest day of the week, and i just not feeling okay to go the college and stuffs... so here is it.
I'm wearing this white V-neck and rolled up ripped jeans.

 photo IMG_0683_zps31ffb596.jpg

 photo IMG_0682_zpsa0585926.jpg

On Tuesday, i wear my old anchor shirt and an overall.

 photo IMG_0681_zps77fbf613.jpg

 photo IMG_0673_zps671011e2.jpg

Wednesday is getting better. I feel like wearing something more than just a t-shirt and a pants. So, here is it. Stripes see through crop top, and lace pants.

 photo IMG_0680_zpsbdfe2a4a.jpg  photo IMG_0679_zpse47346eb.jpg

1 day to Friday, it just 1 day to Friday! On Thursday, i'm wearing this Navy top with a Scotland Skort and Bam.
 photo IMG_0678_zps6c0cda3a.jpg

Who's going out on Friday? Me. Me. Me. I'm going more girly wearing this old school outfit and velvet choker.

 photo IMG_0677_zps424493c3.jpg

 photo IMG_0675_zps160981d8.jpg

 photo IMG_0676_zpsa3bd3658.jpg

The whole outfit wouldn't be completed without a bright pink lippies!
So, i apply my pink liptint by Etude which i get from @gineeup (on instagram) and pretty fascinated of the result. I really love how it match my hair color and it hydrates my lips as well.

 photo IMG_0689_zps7485995b.jpg 

 photo IMG_0688_zps6cb634c5.jpg 


Make up:
1. Brow Pencil: The Face Shop
2. Concealer: Shu Uemura
3. Powder: Pigeon (in Yellow)
4. Lipbalm: Clinique.
5. Liptint: @gineeup (on IG)
Watch my No Make up Makeup Tutorial:

1. Medium Curling Iron: Phillips

1. Monday
- White V-neck: Cotton On
- Ripped Jeans: Pull and Bear

2. Tuesday
- Shirt: GAP
- Denim Overall: Guess

3. Wednesday
- Top: H&M
- Pants: @Lilmisscolette

4. Thursday
- Top: Random online shop (i'm not sure).
- Skort: Forever 21

5. Friday
- Top: Forever 21
- Skirt: Stradivarius

Sneakers: Nike.

 photo IMG_0690_zpse7a06522.jpg

So I hope you guys enjoy the post and find it inspiring, i love u! xoxo

Jul 21, 2015

pine and higher

 photo FullSizeRender_zpse5f03ffc.jpg

hello! it's my second post in this month HAHAHA
since it's holiday, why not.
so, i currently stay in my other house in Sentul City and i have like basically nothing to do there.
what i do all day err day is cook, eat, sleep, repeat. oh! and washing dishes.

ah i almost forget to wish you guys (who celebrate) a (late-too late) happy Eid! :))

so, my brother told me that he knew a place full of pine trees in Bogor and he managed to take me there (guess since he knows that i really really like taking pictures lol) and, here is it. a new blogpost! whoo

it's kinda hard for me to take pictures actually, since i'm using a tripod so that means i can't take any pictures outdoor, alone, all by myself, and i get bored to take pictures on the same wall over and over again....
i didn't take a lot pictures of myself when i'm hanging out with family or friends.
so, when i'm going to take pictures for my blog, it's really need to put a lot of effort HAHA i mean like, i have to find that perfect free time when i didn't do anything, and put my make up on specially for taking pictures. but, i'm enjoying it tho.

by the way, this place is really beautiful. but sunny and windy as well.
i took this picture at 11-12 pm and it's like real hard to get a good lighting and a nice wind, mostly the wind blows my hair all over my face.

 photo IMG_7881_zpsfaa278d3.jpg 

 photo IMG_7880_zps7522919b.jpg 

 photo IMG_7878_zpsb17c2136.jpg 

 photo IMG_7885_zps811e3439.jpg

 photo IMG_7886_zpsf71ea529.jpg

Top - H&M
Kimono - Cotton On
Shorts - Topshop
Headpiece - Forever 21
Bracelet - Forever 21
Shoes - mov_id (IG)

have a nice day, loves! :)

Jul 14, 2015

(minus) the BOY (plus) the JEANS!

Hello! ik it's been a longlong time since the last time i write something on my blog HAHA
you know. it's really hard to consistently blog like all the other bloggers did. :")

I really have nothing in my mind right now, i actually really want to talk about something but my mind just don't work so well tonight so ya.

so... yeah, i dyed my hair pink yay! i want it to be rose gold at first but it turns out like a real bright pink, but no regret tho lol i love it.

Well i also get some opinions from my anons on my that saying that i look better in black hair etc. etc. Without ignoring you guys' opinions, but i dyed my hair pink not to impress you, not at all. I did it just because i want to.
I do things that make me happy, dyeing my hair makes me happy, eating makes me happy.
Like basically, I can never please everyone at the same time, there's always a person who doesn't like me. So, yeah.... :)

So, here's some pictures i took yesterday. idk why but the quality isn't so good...

 photo IMG_7483_zpse9222769.jpg

 photo FullSizeRender_zps064a9405.jpg

 photo FullSizeRender_zps62855fbe.jpg 

 photo IMG_7491_zps62b50007.jpg

 photo IMG_7488_zpse6211adc.jpg

 photo IMG_7493_zpsb9512d78.jpg

Top: Forever 21
Pants: Forever 21
Sandals: Mov_id (instagram)
Velvet&Rose Quartz Choker: seventeenstuff (instagram)
Watch: Daniel Wellington
(ok so.... so just so u guys know, i'm obsessed with forever 21 that most of my clothes are from forever 21. lol)

muchos love. love. love.

Mar 28, 2015

the Concert. #1DOnTheRoadAgainTour

Hey, guys!

I think you already know about what i'm going to tell you in this post.

I can't believe it, time flies so fast. it feel like just yesterday they announced that they're going to Indonesia, and yea. I finally met them, like after 4 years fan-girling over them in front of the monitor, i mean i can't believe it! I saw them all in real life.
A little bit disappointed that i can't meet Zayn for the last time, i mean, Zayn is my bae from all of them but its okay. I mean, i do respect and support whatever his decision, and i'll still love him tho.

Ugh, sorry i talk too much about 1D and if you're not a directioner or if you're not interested about 1D at all you can skip this part and just move on to my outfit! :p

So, this is what i wear to One Direction's concert last Wednesday. To be honest, it was the first time i went to the concert and i was a little bit confuse about what i'm gonna wear since i know it's going to be super crowded, hot, and i know that i'll not only sitting there watching them, instead of i'll jumping dancing and screaming lol. (hi trust me, i'm not really that weird usually.)

 photo IMG_1387_zps4d1b77d8.jpg

 photo IMG_1385_zps70934fd2.jpg

 photo IMG_1386_zpsfba69124.jpg

 photo IMG_1383_zps4cddcaa7.jpg

 photo IMG_1376_zpsd8c1c224.jpg

 photo IMG_1378_zps4538423a.jpg

It's also the first time i do this layering stuff, and my outfit a little bit inspired by the 80s.
I mean, denim vest, high waisted leather shorts, plaid shirt around my waist and socks.
Just because the concert started at night, incase of the rain, cold and i don't want to bring anymore jacket, the plaid shirt really useful tho.

 photo IMG_1374_zpsd42235ea.jpg

 photo IMG_1373_zpsffc2f6ce.jpg

I chose to bring a bigger purse, because i know i'll need a bigger space to carry my thingy thing like tickets, pass sign, etc.

and last but not least, my sneakers. Sneakers really perfect for concert because it's really comfortable to wear, especially if you're a kind of energetic girl like me that can't stop moving during the concert.

 photo IMG_1372_zpsa579dbdf.jpg

and this is my fangirling companion, Eveline!
 photo IMG_1388_zps54f0a238.jpg

Top - Cotton On
Vest - Unbranded
Shorts - Zara
Shirt - New Look
Socks - Some China's brand lingerie store, 
i bought it in Guang Zhou last year lol
Sneakers - Nike
Purse - Charles N Keith
Ring - Environmental Jewelry
Choker - Seventeenstuff on IG

By the way, it's only about 2 weeks to my National Exam, and i can't wait to finally finish my school. Yay!
How's your day? Hope you guys doing well. :)
Love, Kimberly.

Mar 1, 2015

a blog post. #IFW2015

Hi guys! YES. I know its been really long-long-long time since the last time I post something on my blog,  HAHA. yep, school has been crazy like since I get into 12 graders life (or it's just me? idk lol)
Since the first semester of my 12 grade, i've been busy like really busy, assignments, tests and blahblah. And here i am now, fighting for the last year of school. :")

I mean, i feel like i just started my senior high school life and it's just months left till I leave school life. I pretty excited to leave actually, going to college and doing what i really love to do. But, sometimes its kinda sad, like leaving the people that have been together with me for 3 years, teachers, the atmosphere of the classroom, even the canteen's food.

Okay, so i just finished my second try out and it's like a perfect timing, that my friend invited me to go to IFW last Saturday to watch the show, Algarry by Albert Yanuar. The collection was so great great great i can't even, omg.

So this is what i wear last Saturday. By the way one another reason i didn't blog for like 101298293 months is because i gained weight like crazy and its really affect how my body looks in my outfit :") i just don't feel so confident about it so i avoid to take too much pictures lol but here's some shoots my friend, Regina took yesterday :)

 photo photo4_zpsec7d6f83.jpg

 photo photo1_zps42f62bcb.jpg

By the way, i kinda used to the make up thingy for the last several months, like doing my brows, eyes, and red lips. :3

 photo photo4_zpsf631246a.jpg

 photo photo5_zpsb17fd36f.jpg

 photo photo2_zps3e4e558c.jpg

 photo photo3_zpse2a51143.jpg

Top - highpopsstore on IG
Skirt - Bershka
Shoes - Guess
Clutch - Charles n Keith
Hat - H&M
Necklace - Forever 21

And if you were wondering about the background of my photos...... yes, it's really hard to find a place to take a picture since it's so crowded, so so so crowded.
The parking park is the only place that's not crowded by people but by cars, and its really hard for us to take a good picture because the cars just came every 1 shoot. ha.

 photo photo1_zps1e413d3f.jpg

 photo photo3_zps29242cc2.jpg

and last but not least, i also took a picture with the mainstream wall! teehehe.
Have a nice day! :)