Dec 31, 2013

Happy New Year 2014!

I can't believe its 2014!!!
I mean, I feel like i just passed 2012....{you know what i was quite scared that the world will be ended that time, hahahah am i as dumb as that} *btw excuse the weird position of the first picture*
2013 passed like real fast, thank-you so much to all people that made my year so meaningful, special and unforgettable, i mean like hm i love you guys so much and this year taught me bunches of thingy things.
I didn't have any plan this year, not like the other years. I stayed at home with my family, well it just me mom dad and my lil brother actually. But i kinda enjoy how this year pass, we had a din din at home together, playing fireworks and the most important thing, I ate a lot lot lot lot lot.
I asked my biggest bro to brought me a dozen of egg tarts cause i'm craving like that hahaha but i ended up eating only 3 of them. I can't eat anymore....but actually i want to. BADLY. I refuse to have my self weighed because i know i would gained like 1-2 kilos XD

Ah, and last of the last i made this video! Its my new year's resolutions, and new year's greeting from meh! I repeated to say happy new year for 4 of 5 times, i mean i know i'm so awkward i'm the most awkward person in the wooooorrrrllldddd hhahaha

But i hope you enjoy the video,and happy new year!! :)

Dec 21, 2013

Grown Up

I've been so into running shoes for the last several months, i just like wearing it everywhere. I think it's quite casually sporty and comfy to wear.
 photo f0e2761c-a2c2-4450-96d5-a51a726a784d_zps30c03d06.jpg

 photo 719a6792-ba18-43a2-8554-fd7fc8f80f9e_zps87cb4060.jpg

 photo photo_zps6afbade0.jpg 
 photo photo_zpse59b8afe.jpg

And I just had my sweet-seventeen birthday party on 8 December, going to post it soon! { A lil bit late but ya } I just got all the photos from my Event Organizer and still haven't working on it yet hahaha

Okay back to main topic, so that's how i got this Nike Shoes, so it's not a running shoes but still look sporty and it's white and puuurty i just so in love with it. My brother bought it for me hehehe loveya

 photo photo_zps7dc42646.jpg

 photo photo_zps4e952afe.jpg

 photo photo_zpsc0a0babc.jpg 
 photo DSC_6563_zps90cc449a.jpg
Tartan Shirt PULL AND BEAR
Shoes NIKE

Ah you know what Christmas is almost here, 3 DAYS MORE. Idk but i feel this year past really fast, faster than last year. I mean, like omg it was December 2013 now, lets count down to 2014! *HUGE EXCITEMENT*
I still can't believe that I finally past my 17, like ummm i don't wanna get old faster, i just want my 16 back or whatever but i'm feeling old {or mature maybe?} hahahha i don't like growing up too fast, you know everybody does.

I just want to wish you all a happy Christmas, hope you all get the most lovelies presents and don't forget the most important things, the moments!!